“’—Please, let me finish.  With this Hook, there’s an ultimate and pre-conditional condition of the utmost that requests that before you get sent into the unknown business of the third Hook, you pay a compulsory visit to nine minor space Hooks of varied strengths and survive through each of them individually before being fully accepted into the world of the third Hook.  If you succeed, you are then sent into a dimension no one knows anything about but which might be pleasant at last, even if the experience gets repeated forever in it.’”

“And should you fail the nine Hooks test?”

“’Well, if you fail any of them, you get kicked, bounced and passed around each of the nine Hooks repeatedly without a chance to get anywhere else.’”

“In other words, you’re doomed.”

“’What can you do?  It’s a risky business.  Fortunately, if the worse happens, the death that follows is one of the quickest to go through: then, as your exhausted body and weary soul get pushed around, your will to live dwindles and you die, eventually, depending on how much pleasure you’re able to derive from the experience.’”


“’It’s a big universe out there.  As I said, some creatures want to experience things to better feel them and when they do, no matter how much pain they endure, they’re able to enjoy it.’”


“’You got many obsessed-with-war creatures, suicidal creatures, creatures with nothing to lose, feel-nothing-might-as-well-feel-before-I-die-creatures, not to mention sadomasochists psychopaths and many more.’”

“Pathetic.  So in fact, the Space Hooks is the stuff for evil dudes.”

To be continued… ©


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