“’You might say that some creatures are addicted to toxic situations, but it is a way of life in its own right.  It’s a choice.  A Hook is a choice, any Hook is a choice.  You’re a Hook Master, you won’t have to worry about going through any of them unless you wish to save someone or call for truce.’”

“That’s a lot to take in.”

“’We’ve plenty of time.  You need to practice.’”

“No practising needed, I’ve got my diploma.”

“You are required to implore each Hook for your Diploma to show: ‘Welcome Aboard the Hooks’ Mystery Mastery’.  You ought to give yourself a tap on the shoulder’”.

“I’m quite happy as it is.  Have some self-respect.”

“’Aren’t you glad we made it alive through the instructions?  You know, that was incredible, absolutely unbelievable, you’re very special, one of a kind!’”

“I think it was interesting, entertaining perhaps; yes, quite possibly entertaining.  And so that you know, there’s only one King of my type.”

“’I’m so impressed by your strategy to get there and become a Hook Master.  Surely, you must have been through many battles to maintain such level of composure and persistence through it all?’”

“She-Coats looks after the enemy.  I merely watch.  I don’t get involved; it’s none of my business.”

“’You’re far too modest, Yourmajesty.  Right now, you’re a brave and valiant King and without it you might be dead meat.’”

“What’s with the brave and valiant repetition and what does dead meat look like to you?”

“’I’ve carnivorous seeds, I know what meat looks like, dead or alive.’”

“What makes you think I might be dead?“

To be continued… ©


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