“Enough!  I shall now remedy to this situation.  It has gone on for far too long.  It’s time for She-Coat to do what she should have done long ago because eventually, it’s all the same to me: pride or no pride, honour or none, I’ve had enough.  You’re no good to me.”

“’Wait.  Only wait.  I beg you.  Please!  There’s so much more to it.  Surely you want to know about it?  We’ve gone such a long way already you and I, we—‘”

“—I didn’t agree to this.  You just got—”

‘”—What follows is going to be fun, I guarantee it, just… will you listen for God’s sake?

“Don’t you speak—“


“I was stunned, couldn’t say anything to that.”

“’The UGE, the governing body for all space gardeners is what drove me to you,’” Chloroph continued,‘”every mistake must be repaired with only once chance allowed.  My time was running out and you were my next opportunity, a good one, a—’”

“—a gullible one?  Read the bloody instructions or I’ll kill you myself right here, right now!”

“Fascinating,” Captain Traumatic interrupts, “so you’re a Hook Master, huh?”

“Shut your gob, Captain!” Labaguette orders, “keep going King Krackskull!”

“We could use a Hook or two to get us out of here,” the Captain suggests.

“I’ve no seeds with me.  I could summon one of them.” the King answers.

“Nah.  We don’t want to move from being ‘stuck somewhere’ only to end up ‘stuck anywhere’” the Captain adds.

But there’s no time: wild flames engulf the bucket that covers the Commander’s head.  Simultaneously, Belchiore whines and begins a steep climb, the steepest yet.

To be continued…


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