“What’s above is what’s below, that’s what.  Does it matter?” the Captain observes, “in space, what you believe is what it is.”

“Some belief!” the King exclaims.

“At this place and time, the ship is its own gravitational center,” the Captain continues, “untie yourselves!”

Labaguette emerges out of the cabin on wobbly legs, “I’m as sick as a monkey,” he claims.

“Are they still breathing?” the Commander asks.

“Where’s North?” Labaguette asks, “why are you walking upside down, Captain?  Am I that sick?”

“It’s to do with my belief.”

“Like the one that had us fall of the horizon because you thought that the earth was—“

“—You’re definitely sick, try and fly backward!” the Captain says, “now, tell me how the monkeys are doing?”

But then, an emaciated monkey appears out of the cabin only to falls at the Captain’s feet, a pleading look in his eyes as unconsciousness catches him unaware once more.

“Belchiore has come for me,” the Commander interrupts.

“Do you have anything to do with the monkeys being unwell?” the King asks.

“Let it out,” the King orders the Commander.

“Belchiore has stopped because of—”

“—HEEEEELPP!  A L’AIDE” Labaguette screams, struggling to stand on the ship’s floor, his neck contorted and his eyes imitating that of the Captain a moment earlier.

“Being obedient…” the Captain explains, “trying to fly backward… nothing ever stops that damn bird’s stupidity once it’s at work for all to heed.”

“You weren’t always that smart, Captain!” Labaguette yells, “’cause you believed the earth was flat!  Look where it’s taken us!”

“The fact is that it was flat then, even if my perspective is changed now.”

To be continued…

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