“We went free falling to seek the Syck Monkey’s help.  The end of each of our hair strands can stick to anything solid if wished.  At the time of the trials, we hadn’t perfected the security aspect of our tentacles.  Some were stronger than others as accurate formulas and measurements for hold were still at a developmental stage.”

“Help from the Syck Monkey, huh?” the Captain asks, “or catch him and submit him to your experiments?”

“Shut up, Captain!” the King orders, “let’s hear him, he’s doomed.”

“There were many casualties and some of my peers fell into oblivion as their rope could not sustain the extent of the stretching required from it.  We knew that if one of us got caught by the Syck Monkey, we’d be able to gain the ultimate knowledge and to re-create the rope.”

“But you didn’t,” the Captain says.

“We did, I did.”

“Spinostress is still trying to find the recipe’s secret,” the Captain remarks.

“I got caught by the Syck Monkey and greatly improved our hair strands, but not to the extent expected.”

“How lucky was that?“ the Captain retorts.

“—I was lucky once,” the King adds, “landed in a yellow bus.”

“You’d have gained something from the Syck Monkey catching you, only you don’t know it,” the Commander continues, “most creatures don’t realise that—“

“—Is that why you don’t look burnt?” the Captain repeats, “the Syck Monkey’s rope healed your body?”

“That’s ingrained.  We’re born with the ability to shed our skin when it gets affected by external events but we did get gifts from the Syck Monkey’s rope.  We can feel and emit.  We have inherent empathic qualities.”

“Really ?  Empathic killers?” Labaguette asks, reappearing.

To be continued…


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