The Captain’s eyes revolve swiftly once more.  Truth is, he isn’t much of a philosopher and the wide knowledge contained in the books compiled in his head does not bring a definite answer.  Theories abound, practicalities are ignored.

“Where is this unexpected wisdom coming from?” the Captain asks, “back on earth, we had spiritual men who could absolve you from your sins, one way or another.”

“I’ve committed no sins,” the King signals, dropping Labaguette onto the deck, “I too understand what was, what might be, what lurks and what looms.”

“What’s wrong with you, King?  Give me some warning next time before you drop me like this, will you?

“I’m confused,” the Captain says to the King, “what do you mean by ‘what lurks and what looms?’

“Think, Captain, think!” the King says, “with ‘lurks’ something mean, bad, shady is here waiting to harm or hurt you in some way.  You’re aware of its presence and you’re scared.  With ‘looms’, what lurks is about to appear.  That’s the whole difference.”

Labaguette continues: “ever since you lost your crown, you’ve been losing your marbles.  It doesn’t make any sense, none at all.  What about ‘harm’ and ‘hurt’?“

“—You’re a wicked man, Captain,” the Commander interjects, “what would you know about wisdom?”

“I’ve merely killed for rum and the right to live drunk and comfortably.”

“Comfortably drunk,” Labaguette corrects, the Captain shoving the damned bird once more into the side of his jacket’s pocket.

“—You’ve been absolved?” the Commander interrupts.

“This discussion is pointless,” the Captain says, “who and what I am now has nothing to do with who I was.  How did we come to this anyway?”

“Your name, Captain?” the Commander reiterates, his eyes attempting to pierce right through the Captain’s soul.

To be continued…


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