“It is said that all stories found in all books have their origins from here, from inside the whale’s belly,” the Commander begins, “only lost words can escape.  The librarians used to catch them and put into books.  Sometimes entire true stories come out intact but mostly, words come out jumbled and imagination does the rest.  Depending on the Librarian catching the words, new—”

“There are no more librarians, you know this,” the King says.

“—That’s impossible.  Librarians, words, stories and books are from before,” the Captain maintains dumbfounded, “from before time began, it’s impossible.”

“You don’t have the oldest books scanned,” the Commander says, “either they were destroyed because of Spinostress seeking all the secrets or because some were too old and disintegrated into oblivion.  Besides, you for one know that nothing’s impossible.”

“Nonsense, these days modern technology would allow even the most ancient object to be recreated, especially books.”

“Well, Captain, since when do you know anything about modern technology?  How long is it since you own two brains containing such worldly and universal knowledge?  The fact is that old words, stories and books disappeared or were lost and there’s nothing you can do about it.  Inside the belly of the whale” the Commander continues, “the constant repeating of old stories to new comers is tedious to listen to, as everyone is supposed to listen to it – there’s nothing else to do – one has to listen for mistakes and alteration too as the stories aren’t meant to change.”

“I have a theory,” Labaguette continues, “on Belchiore’s stomach contents.”

“Fuck off, Labaguette!” the Captain yells.

“You’re gonna have it anyway,” Labaguette insists.

“Inside the whale’s belly, there’s a tale,” the bird says, “Inside the whale’s belly, there’s a tale for two.”

To be continued…


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