“Is that—?”

“—He’s got the ropes, he’s got the Monkeys and he’s got Belchiore,” the Captain says.

The King shakes his head in disbelief.  Labaguette reappears.

“They’re alive!  They’re alive!  They’re alive!” he repeats nervously.

And as they bend over the edge of the ship, what they see doesn’t register with them.  Belchiore’s rear end is open, not like that of a wounded mammal, but like she has some door underneath her tail.

“It’s confusing,” the King says, “is it a door or is it—“

“—There they are!” the Captain exclaims, pointing at the young monkeys hanging from their ropes out of Belchiore’s back door.  They’ve started to swing their ropes and seem to be increasing the swing more and more as the ropes unravel slowly beneath Belchiore’s tail.  As the swinging becomes evident, it is clear that the monkeys will soon reach the Insatiable Princess to land back on her deck.  There are sparks coming out of that door too, smoke and small flames.

“Where’s the Commander?” the Captain asks the monkeys, as if they could reply.  But they barely give the Captain a look in return.

“She’s going to explode!” Labaguette screams, “I’m sure of it.”

“Whales don’t explode,” the King says.

By now, the monkeys have swung so far that they’ve reached the rudder.  There, they secure the ropes and before they climb back up the ship, they pull at each rope one last time, tugging very sharply and powerfully.

“Someone stops these mad monkeys,” Labaguette says, “they’re going to pull Belchiore’s entrails out and I sure don’t wanna see this,” he says.

To be continued…


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