“The Commander or the slime?”

“Whatever it is,” the Captain adds, “it sure is transforming in some transient state of ‘je-ne-sais-quoi’.  It’s a sign, isn’t it?  Surely you recognise it.”

“I don’t.”

But the Commander’s voice is heard: “I get to tell you my story.”

“You’re cocooned.  You can’t possibly be talking and, besides, you talk too much,” the Captain says.

“You must let me go of me and free me from the bounds that keep me tied to your ship.”

“King Krackskull,” the Captain orders, “get that dirty, slimy scumbag, the Commander-in-a-bug and throw it overboard as he wishes.”

“I could get She-Coat to—“

“—Don’t do anything of the kind!” the Commander implores, “the monkeys may be better but if you don’t do as I say, they’ll get worse again.”

“I think the monkeys are happy to keep you in your current state,” Labaguette says.

“Has Belchiore really disappeared?  Is she really gone for good and dead as a dry bug?” the Captain asks.

“You must be indigestible,” the King says to the Commander, “that’s what.  Your secret is so bad that her stomach couldn’t make mincemeat of you.”

“It’s complicated,” the Commander says.

“Out with it once and for all,” Labaguette says, “the truth, Commander, and only the bloody truth.  Then I shall bloody decide.”

“We, Labaguette,” the Captain says, “We.”

“The rope,” the Commander begins, “I know the Syck Monkey rope’s recipe.”

“What did he say?” the King asks.

“Didn’t say anything,” the Captain says, “he’s just rambling on, having us on, nothing new.”

“Make your proof!” Labaguette commands.

“I hold the secret of the Syck Monkey’s Rope,” the Commander insists.  “I hold the secret of your lives, of the Universe and all Universes gathered together in Holly Wars.”

To be continued…


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