“I’ve heard this before,” the Captain says scratching his head.

“Something to do with a butterfly,” the King says, frowning.

“Not bad, Labaguette,” the Commander retorts, “Belchiore exploded because the energy contained within her was barely sufficient to disable my functions.  By now, Spinostress knows exactly what is going on.  We’re only safe for as long as the darkness remains, which won’t last long either.”

“Why did you not attempt to make the Rope yourself in all this time?” the Captain inquires.

“There’s no magic in it.  The rope takes time, dedication and others need to be involved.”

“In all that time you never confided in anyone about your secret?” Labaguette asks, suspicious.

“I did but all those who worked under me got found out.”

“All of them?”

“All of them.  I gave them a pill to disappear in an orderly manner and avoid a painful death at the hands of Spinostress.”

“Awful,” Labaguette comments, “we all deserve a proper burial.”

“You’re a bird.”

“Forget what I look like.”

“Spinostress can’t remember what a burial is.”

“Yes, but a pill that immediately turns you into dust isn’t a way to die.”

“I never mentioned dust.  Anyway, if you had the choice, wouldn’t you rather do so than see your insides and body parts unceremoniously spread over a floor?”

“Doesn’t change a thing,” the King says, “you killed those who knew your secret and the rope is still hanging inside your head.”

“If you cared to disentangle the rope that hangs me by my end part, I might get a clearer perception of what you’re asking from me.”

“Would you reveal the rope’s secret to us?” the Captain asks.

But the Commander doesn’t answer and an uneasy silence spreads among them.

To be continued…


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