“The Monkeys have left him here for us to torture him and shake the bloody truth out of him,” Labaguette insists, flying underneath the cocoon and perching upside down on the bottom of it, on what looks like some sort of head protruding.

“Do you feel this, Commander?”

“Get away from me, you damned, stupid and ridiculous creature!”

“I’m not stupid!” Labaguette screams, “I’m just a bird, I’m not stupid!”

“Don’t let him get to you!” the Captain urges Labaguette, “you know better, you stupid bird!”

Labaguette flies off and disappears in a huff.

“What’s got into him?” the King asks.

“I suspect he’s got an ego, a bird’s ego,” the Captain retorts.

“Huh?” the King asks.

But the Captain is hoisting the Commander higher and higher, checking how much leeway can be gotten from the rope that keeps the cocoon hanging like this until the rope is fully stretched.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” the King asks.

“Yeah, but before that, let’s hear him one last time.”

“He isn’t worth it.”

“We need to have a broader picture of his misdeeds, real or not.”

“I don’t have to tell you anything anymore,” the Commander insists.

“In that case,” the Captain says, drawing a pin from his jacket, “this is for you.”

The Captain plants the pin in the cocoon and a liquid begins to trickle.

“If you hope to transform into another give it up, will you?  It won’t be long before you—“

“—All right, all right, all right.  Get your pin from off my cocoon and from off my juices.”

“What have we here?” the King asks.

“Some ambitious monster,” the Captain retorts.

To be continued…


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