“You killed the remainder of all living creatures on Cajoon whether fiend or friend,” the Captain entices.

“You wiped out Cajoon from the map of all universes,” the King accuses, “not a single soul could be saved.  Cajoon and its creatures split into billions of the tiniest particles and the Syck Monkey was unable to save anything for his collection of what-was-that-can-be-again.  It is unacceptable.”

“My sister was already dead when things went from bad to worse.”

“What happened between your sister dying and you killing off your own planet?”

“When you don’t know who to turn to anymore, you turn to yourself and—“

“—Ugly,” Labaguette says, “I’ll get the guillotine.”

“You turn against yourself in the process and it helps, believe me, it really helps.”

“Well, you certainly didn’t throw yourself off a planet!” the King states.

“Yep,” the Captain continues, “if you’d had a single thought of self-inflicted death, you’d be gone by now.

“I pledged my commitment to Spinostress after I lost my sister.  I was young.  I learned everything from her.  I forgot I had friends.  I was bitter and, besides, the sands had done their job.”

“He forgot who he was!” Labaguette yells, “easy, peasy, Commander, huh?”

“Blame the sands for your evil, Commander,” the Captain says, “when your sister died, you were so scared for your own life that gave up everything for your own to be spared.  The sands felt it and came out of you tarnished.”

“Ha! funny coming out of your mouth.”

“Commander,” the King says, “we all have our issues.  The fact is that you erased your own planet from the universal maps because you were scared.”

“I lacked guidance.”

“Surely you could feel?”

“What about She-Coat?”

“What about it?”

To be continued…


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