“You killed the remainder of all living creatures on Cajoon, from both camps,” the Captain insists.

“She’s a monster of some kind, is she not?” the Commander continues, “You and ‘she’, may be just ‘it’, gobbling up, slowly swallowing and savouring helpless passers-by, eating them one by one or thousands at a time because no one really knows the full truth, huh?”

“Cut his head off!” yells Labaguette, reappearing, two monkeys in tow.

“What about you Captain?”

“Do finish the ‘what about’ game, will you?”

“You’ve maimed and killed thousands, maybe lots more, who’s to say?  In your hey days as a primitive rum trader, a pirate of some kind, back on your ludicrous planet.  What are you turning into now, you of the revolving eyes that can no longer look straight into anyone’s face?  Are you for real?”

“Commander, you’re losing track of what we asked you.  Now, give me your name if you have one and stick to your story.”

“My name is Commander Aldroobedium, Commander in charge of Spinostress’ 1000 multiplying army.

“Surely that isn’t a name?” Labaguette asks.

“Spinostress led me to believe Cajoon barely contained a single live creature on its ground.”

“Barely, is that your excuse?” the King asks.

“Who?” the Captain inquires.

“Life-long prisoners,” the Commander answers.

“Not worth them living, right?” the King asks, “you would have known about verifying your information before taking any action, wouldn’t you, Commander?”

“She forced me to believe her and said I was never to doubt her word again.”

“You dared to doubt Spinostress’ word before?”

“I am the best there is around for war tactics and politics.  I would advise Spinostress.  It was my duty to question her ways and guide her in accordance with the rules of rethoric.”

To be continued…



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