“It was nothing less than a chess game, Spinostress had you all worked out.” the King retorts.

The blink of an eye, the spark of an understanding, a guess that says it all and within a split second the King and the Captain begin to lower the Commander overboard until they can stare at him at leisure, far below them, floating down, down, down behind the Insatiable Princess.

There are two white monkeys, arms outstretched pointing out to the Commander, Labaguette perching on the index of one of them, screaming:

“Farther, farther, farther! He can’t be far enough from us. Why are you keeping him alive? His head should have rolled, God dammit!”

“We still don’t know what Belchiore was all about,” the Captain remarks.

“She was just floating about,” the King remarks.

“She was roaming space within the confinement of the darkness we’re stuck in,” Labaguette answers.

“Can you shed some light?” the King asks.

“I know all one needs to know about Belchiore. Do you really wish me to tell you? It’s a long story.”

“Shut up, Labaguette!” the Captain says, “there’s nothing worse than a parrot inventing stories to attract attention and make a fool of himself.”

“It’s only the three of us and the silent monkeys, Captain,” the King answers, “Labaguette being a parrot, is merely born to fly, flutter and flatter.”

“Fuck, King Krackskull!” Labaguette exclaims, “that was one too many ‘f’ word. It is about time you knew that I rarely flatter unless it becomes necessary, but a story I do have for you, and it is as real as anything.”

“Huh!” the King says, “so what do you know about Belchiore?”

“She was real.”

“Tell us something new.”

To be continued…


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