“You believe me then?”

“I believe what I see.”

“This is pointless.”

“Shut up and talk!” the Captain insists.

“Clear your brain from fucking debris!” Labaguette exclaims, incredulous.

“He means shut your gob, stop the background noise and tell us about Belchiore once and for all,” the King says.

“There is only so much harm Belchiore can listen to and imagine,” Labaguette begins, turning his back on the Captain, “in all the time that she had to deal with evil, she never heard of any improvements in anyone. She too was a dispirited creature. She just didn’t show it and kept engulfing all the depravity she could find. The Syck Monkey brought her here in the days of time immemorial – but she still remembered it vividly – when she was lost falling, falling through universe after universe.”

“Lies, lies, lies,” the Captain insists, “you had no idea of—“

“—Give him a chance, Captain,” the King says, “what if it was true?”

“It isn’t and you bloody well know it. Besides, my enhanced brain has researched the matter deeply and—“

“—Let him speak, we shall decide later over the truth of it all and if Labaguette’s guillotine will find its use on his own head if necessary.”

“You’ve no decision over my life, King Krackskull, you can’t—“

“—Labaguette, my long-time friend, my constant companion,” the Captain says, “do carry on with your story if you will. Whether truth told or whether lie unfolding, let us decide if you may be coward or hero.”

To be continued…

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