“She was a mess then, not knowing where she was falling and if it would ever stop. Belchiore was a mystery the Syck Monkey could not unravel: he succeeded in collecting her from her free fall but he didn’t know where she came from because she couldn’t tell and she was so frightened that she had started to emit a thick and impermeable darkness around them to protect herself. This is why he undertook to find the darkest corner of a dark corner of the universe to help her hide and recover.

“Your mother told you that story?” the Captain asks again.

“He read the story in the plumes that came out of her spout” the Captain reminds the King.

“His ma told him.”

“Both are true,” Labaguette retorts as the King and the Captain frown, wondering.

“The Syck Monkey had always been aware that whales existed,” Labaguette continues, “he’d been shown pictures of them by the ancient before the disaster. He had been curious about them as their empathic abilities across universes are unparalleled. Then, he and she struck a friendship and concluded a deal: the Syck monkey would look out for malice in space to eradicate evil as he travelled and redirect it to Belchiore who would try and sort the ugliness out of those affected by it.”

“Some arrangement,” the Captain says, “what was in it for the Belchiore?”

“Her mum, duh!” Labaguette answers.

“Her mum?” the King inquires.

“Duh?” the Captain wonders aloud as Labaguette carries on.

To be continued…


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