“—You’re no stupid bird,” the King says.

“Very well, Belchiore’s body is gone. She’s dead but she’s alive in spirit, like me Mama.”

“Your Mama ever speaks to you or appears in spirit?” the King asks.

“He’s leading you on,” the Captain says.

“I’M NOT LYING!” Labaguette insists with anger, “I’M NOT LYING! I’M NOT—“

As fate has it, Labaguette gets his preferred mixture of rum soaked grains splashed on the side of his face as two white monkeys scamper and disappear back into the Insatiable Princess’ hull. The crew’s attention is drawn to a halo of light approaching fast from below the ship, whirls of black smoke following in its trail and the unmistakable stench preceding the arrival of Belchiore reaching their nostrils. Mesmerised, the three companions look on as with bewildering speed, Belchiore pushes on, jumps and swallows the Commander in a single gulp, bor what’s left of his cocooned self and belches, severing the rope that attached it to the Insatiable Princess.

“I’ll be damned!” the Captain exclaims.

“No way!” Labaguette continues.

“The myth lives on,” the King says, “you may live, Labaguette.”

And while the three of them ponder, assume, question and try and think of all their might what is, what is not and how can this be, two monkeys are weaving a giant web of white ropes between masts, poles and anything solid they can lay their hands on.

“Tis best to ignore them, Captain,” the King says, “Belchiore’s stench is clinging about and I fear she may try and gobble us too.”

“I’m not evil,” Labaguette retorts.

“You’re but mad, King Krackskull,” the Captain says, “we’d better think of something to get us out of here. Where are the two monkeys?”

To be continued…


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