The three of them looking upwards.

“Is this how the Syck Monkey approaches his business?” Labaguette asks.

“Webs? Can’t be,” the King says.

The Captain is silent, stunned. Surely not he thinks, never in the world, impossible, unreal.

“Got it,” Labaguette musters, “this is how they catch their own father falling. It’s in their genes, think about it.”

“Shut up!” the Captain orders as he climbs the mast to have a closer look.

This is too much for Labaguette. He was the center of attention. Now, he is being ignored and flies off to the other end of the rope dangling loose below the Insatiable Princess, where Belchiore bit and swallowed the Commander in his cocoon. Soon, Labaguette can’t be seen.

“Ahoy!” the King shouts, “are you good, Captain?”

“Come along!” the Captain says. There’s a bit of view from here.

As the King begins his ascent along the mast, some crackling can be heard in the air as if electrical particles surrounded them, as if a storm was brewing.

“I can feel rain!” the Captain exclaims.

The crackling intensifies and their hair lifts. Now a lit up, wild rope zigzags in the vicinity, a shining parrot holding its end, unable to let go, glued to the rope, doomed.

“WATCH OUT!” the Captain yells, “the end of the rope is alit and Labaguette on fire! Do not touch him!”

“HE’S AS GOOD AS DEAD!” the King shouts back, still climbing.

The monkey busy themselves, making the two webs they’ve knit tighter. As Labaguette, still clutching the end of the lit up rope, passes nearby the webs, the monkeys retreat to the mast and let Labaguette be entrapped in their webs which, in turn, light up.

To be continued…


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