Two monkeys are tying their ropes around a gigantic hook just above the ship.  Chloroph is sitting by the Hook, looking down.

“What are these two playing at now?” the Captain asks.

“That’s just it: they’re playing,” the King says, “they’re kids.”

“Is this what I think it is?”

“What about Labaguette?”

Now, hundreds, possibly thousands of parrots, fly above them and settle over the masts, the edge of the ship, over the Captain’s hat, the King’s shoulders, the monkeys’ ropes.

“Wake up, Labaguette!” they shriek, taking turns, “wake up!  Wake up!”

It doesn’t take long before Labaguette opens one eyelid, then the other, rises and in a single flap of wings, takes flight, leading the flock through the hook, disappearing.

“LABAGUETTE!” the Captain yells, “look what you’ve done,” he says to the King.

“Labaguette is alive, well and we’re out of the darkness, what else do you—”

“—stuck in darkness or stuck in a tree, what’s the difference?”

The King has had enough.  He climbs up one of the masts and reaches out for the monkeys’ ropes.  Swinging with it, he lands on the edge of the Hook and sits with Chloroph.

“The view is great from here!” he tells the Captain, “join us!”

“This is a Hook, right?” the Captain asks, having joined the King and Chloroph.


“You said it was deadly to merely call upon one.”

“It’s a Pro-Life tree seed Hook. It’s full of promises.  Isn’t it Chloroph?”

“Once a Pro-Life seed is fully grown into a pro-life tree, it has life enhancing as well as life giving properties,” Chloroph maintains.

To be continued…


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