“All right, all right, all right,” the Captain insists, “suppose that that Hook holds some mysterious magical property that converts our inner most desires into realities, how far would the magic stretch?  Let’s bring the Hook to the Insatiable Princess so she and I may return to our point of origin.”

“You can’t do that,” Chloroph says as the King hovers and walks in the air, beaming.

“This is exactly how I suspected it,” the Captain continues, “you’re a scam,” he says to Chloroph, “it’s all lies.  I’d rather be back in the darkness.”

“You don’t mean this,” Chloroph retorts, “why don’t you try the Hook for yourself?  Are you that bitter that you can’t enjoy others experience pleasure and fun?  Show some respect.  This Hook mirrors wishes in life which you can’t have and brings them to you to enjoy, for REAL.  What’s the point in being so knowledgeable if pleasure can’t be experienced because your brain is crammed and jammed with useless, obsolete information?”

“Precisely, you’re a crook of some sort and that makes your intentions suspicious.  You’re up to something: my overly large and jammed brain has a way of telling me not to believe you.  It’s called instinct and knowledge has nothing to do with it.”

The King comes back, two white monkeys in tow, holding white ropes that extend infinitely behind them.

“Untie the Captain from the mast!” the King commands, “hold him tight with your ropes and bring him to the edge of the Hook.”

“Whatever you do,” Chlroph says to the Monkeys, “never let go of the Captain entirely.”

“What are you afraid of, Chloroph, that I may disappear in a soup of discontent and alter each and every particle contained within the Hook into a rancid soup called MY reality?”

To be continued…


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