“It’s finished though, isn’t it?”

“Err.  It could have done with a little more polishing, that’s all.  I brought it to you because it hasn’t got the defects the others have.  They’re only tiny, unimportant defects.”

“Got it: a body has to be in one piece.”

“That’s part of it.”

“Crap, lies and more crap!” says the Captain who has reappeared out of the Hook, alone.

“You haven’t changed,” the King remarks.

“should I?”

“C’mon, Captain,” Chloroph adds, “even people like you have dreams, even if it just about corks, swords and ships.”

“Where are—“ the King continues.

“—They’re having fun.”

“No fun, no dreams.  What’s your problem?” Chloroph enquires.

“I don’t need a Hook for fun and dreams.  For this, I have rum and sleep but to tell you the truth,” the Captain continues not without some pride, “I think that my two brains work in parallel.  They give me the ability to separate what is real from what is not.”

“You’re one sided, that’s what.  You only see things from your perspective.  You’re damned stubborn.”

But the King yawns and the Captain stares at him, suspicious.

“You’re sick?”

“I’m never sick,” the King answers, yawning again, lying down to rest.  “It’s getting dark,” he remarks as he closes his eyes and falls into a deep slumber.

“What did you give him?”

“It’s getting dark.”

“Strange place this is, it’s got days and nights.”

“Nights are long and cold.  You should get back into your cabin.”

“The King doesn’t sleep.”

On the horizon, five suns disappear, within minutes from each other and a dark purple night sets in.

To be continued…


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