“Have some of this.  It’ll calm your nerves.”

“Is this what you gave the King?”

“I didn’t give him anything.  He was just tired.  He’s been through a lot, don’t you think?”

The Captain looks at Chloroph the way a pirate looks at the enemy landing on his ship.  Still, he takes a sip of the drink Chloroph hands him only to spit it back out in disgust.

“What do you take me for?” he asks, angry.

“It’s good for you.  It prolongs life.  It’s made with Pro-Life tree seeds.”

“Me life is long enough as it is.  It might never end for all I know.  I don’t need your fucking potions.”

“Rum will kill you.”

“I’ll die happy, which is more than you can say, you and your nerdy medicinal tricks.”

“Do try it, you—“

“—What’s this?” the Captain interrupts, pointing at some vague shape whose contours they can barely define, appearing some distance straight in front of the Hook.  He walks to it, Chloroph following.

Deep into the purple night scrutinising, the Captain distinguishes another Hook with the same shape and dimensions as the Hook in front of it.

“This is another Hook,” the Captain says, his brains attempting a high speed search of strange Universes’ occurrences, “it’s barely visible.  It would be interesting if—”

“—It’s just a night reflection effect,” Chloroph claims, “there’s nothing to it.  Tis best to leave it as it is.  Why don’t you set off and look for your friends in the proper Hook.  They’ve been gone a long time.”

“They’re enjoying themselves.”

“How would you know?”

To be continued…


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