The Captain won’t be fooled.  He grabs Chloroph by the neck of his shirt and threatens:

“You’re coming with me through this new Hook.”

“It’s a mere shadow reflecting the Hook in front of it.”

“You expected me to have me asleep with your potion just like you did with the King.”

Then, he pulls Chloroph, holds him tight with both hands, staring into his eyes with the burning intent of someone needing to hear the truth and jumps into the shadow Hook, dragging Chloroph along with him.

They fall into the shadow Hook.  The Captain lets go of Chloroph who in turn gets hold of the Captain by the boot.  They fall onto a carpet of soft grass that unfolds before their eyes.

“Let go of my boot,” the Captain orders.

“Don’t go anywhere without me.  It is dangerous here and you could lose your way.”

“You’ve my welfare at heart, do you?”

In silence, Chloroph lets go of the Captain, stands up and begins to walk, the Captain behind him.

For each step they take, a new pathway opens up on the side, behind, above, underneath and just about everywhere around them, creatures appear, talking, uttering words that should make sense yet they’re unable to emit any sound.  Some of them have ribbons instead of tongues and before Chloroph has time to warn Captain Traumatic, the Captain snatches one such tongue and pulls it, transforming the creature into a long ribbon that unfolds at length, only to tear at the edge the Captain holds and disappear.

To be continued…


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