“I get the picture,” the Captain musters, “get us out of here.”

“But you pulled us in!”

“Not my problem.”

“Bad dreams have been called upon: you pulled the trigger and there’s nothing I can do to undo the split second past that you unravelled.”

“By pulling a tongue?”

There’s a blank look in Chloroph’s eyes.

“In nature,” he says, “there are as many grey areas as there are opposites, like right and wrong, good and bad, fair and—“

“—You like to experiment at the expense of others, no matter what.  You pulled me, dragged me into this Hook knowingly.”


“You don’t see things the right way.  You create crap all.”

Upon these last words, Chloroph’s face begins to inflate, turns pale blue and he falls by the side of the pathway.

“Wake up!” the Captain orders.  But Chloroph’s entire body has turned pale blue as he has fallen into a deep slumber.  Around them, the air grows thicker and what appeared ominous and deadly earlier now feels worse as if bad dreams that won’t be ignored were no longer merely passing by the Captain’s eyes but trying to impose themselves.  Now what, he thinks, how can I get back out of this unreality turned real?  So what if I changed my mind quickly?  Besides, Chloroph’s sense of truth had to be tested.  He might be trustworthy after all… in the long run.

Perhaps, he muses, it would be best to leave Chloroph where he is and let him disappear into the unfathomable meanders of his own complicated mind and hope to find this Hook’s exit through some miracle.

To be continued…


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