“What was in your can?” the Captain asks in amazement.


“What type of oil?”

“No miracle ointment, no organic product. Oil.”

“Engine oil?”

“You know nothing about engine oil.”


“—Get real, Captain: it’s nothing new, it’s been done before.”

“It’s not you first time here?”

“We all have bad dreams, not just you and me.”

“Huh? Oil is a monster in a monster’s nightmare? How did—?“

“—Brace yourself!”

Without warning, Jimmy slams the driving wheel to the right and the bus turns back in the upright position, throwing the Captain onto the floor.

“Could you warn me next time?”

“I did. Brace yourself!”

“Again? But—“

This time, the Captain slides as far back as the rear of the bus while Jimmy pulls the bus up in an almost straight vertical line, climbing hard and the Captain struggles to make his way back to the front of the bus to sit by Jimmy’s side, fastening his seat belt.

“We’re headed back to the Hook’s entrance?”

“Its exit.”

“Is it far?”

“Give me a hand. See what’s behind us?”

To be continued…


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