This is when the Captain hears more sounds of flapping on the side of the bus and a clear pecking at the window.  Here is Labaguette, again.  What?  But, the Captain thinks, surely that isn’t… That can’t be…  There are two of Labaguette now.  And behind, a third clone of the parrot, a fourth here and above, below.  All of them appearing from every corner of that strange universe made of bad dreams come true, or is it?  The Captain feels he has no other choice and closes his eyes.  One, two, three, four he counts until he reaches ten and stops to observe this plausible reality still unfolding all around him.  He pinches himself.  No.  He isn’t sick.  He hasn’t swallowed anything either.  Where is Jimmy?

“Jimmy!” he yells, “Jimmy!”

“Shut up and keep driving up!” Jimmy yells back.

A crown is now hovering, floating gently in the air outside the bus.

“The King’s crown” the Captain remarks.

“King Krackskull!” he shouts, “King Krackskull!”

There, at the back, behind all these parrots claiming to be who they might or might not be comes a King, approaching like only he knows how to, except he isn’t interested in getting back with The Captain, because his crown is all he can think of.

“We’ll get you another crown!” Captain Traumatic says, understanding the King’s predicament.  But soon, it isn’t just Labaguette who has multiplied, but the crown as well.  There are large, small, tiny crowns, gem encrusted, paper made and rusty crowns… all enticing a King to catch it, one way or another.

To be continued…


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