“We are going to make it out of here at last.  Bless these creatures!” Jimmy utters.

The Captain is flabbergasted.  His shoulders have slumped and the dim glint of hope that sparkled in his eyes a minute earlier has all but gone.  From one nightmare to another.  Which is best he wonders.

“The child of the Syck Monckey himself along with soldier spiders!” Jimmy continues, “Who would have thought?” he asks, beaming.

“This is the enemy,” the Captain tells him.

“You’re in a worse state than I thought.  You’ll need an extended period of recovery behind a wall of some of our best shadows, just for you.  There’s a cure to everything.”

The Captain looks at Jimmy, knowing this time that silence is best until Jimmy can figure out what type of nightmarish truth they’re heading straight into.

The two spiders spin Jimmy and the Captain into a tangled web of strong and wiry thread, a cocoon of some sort, leaving only their head free.

“Hey!” the Captain yells, “get your slimy threads off my body or I’ll call on my army of parrots and Kings!”

Across the veil, Labaguette, the King and the Monkey have stopped carrying on, ashamed they felt they had to attract their friends into Spinostress’ treacherous warring path once more.

“What the hell is this?” Jimmy asks, hesitating, “surely the nightmares haven’t got the better of us?”

“We’re not out of them yet,” the Captain retorts, “this isn’t just the end of one nightmare and the beginning of a recurring one, it’s a whole lot more than that.”

To be continued…


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