The bus is then secured to the edge of the Hook in an upright position, at last.  A platform stretches between the Hook and the bus.  The soldiers roll Jimmy and the Captain to the brim of the Hook.  One last push and they fall out of it, across to the other side.

“CHLOROPH!” the two of them explain as they stretch arm and legs and stand back again, and: “LABAGUETTE!  KING KRACKSKULL!”

“It wasn’t that difficult, Captain, was it?” Labaguette asks.

“What?  Where am I?  Are you for real?”

“Do you remember who you are?” the King continues.

“Could someone drag me bus this side of the Hook?” Jimmy inquires.

Two monkeys pull the ropes one notch harder and the bus is dragged across the Hook.

“Did you enjoy the experience?  Wasn’t that an interesting trip?” Chloroph asks.

“Shouldn’t you be dead?” Jimmy asks.

“What the fuck!” the Captain can’t help, “you should be dead and beyond.  I’m gonna squeeze the juice out of your brains till it’s all dried up, you moron!”

“Capitaine, your language,” Labaguette says, “you can’t—“

“—Shut up, Labaguette!  You don’t know what we’ve just been through.”

“We kept waving at you from behind the veil below and you smiled back at us.  You didn’t look in a hurry to get back here at all,” the King says.

“That’s right.  You were enjoying yourselves so much you didn’t seem to mind that the bus had broken down.  You looked ready to spend a lifetime on that side of the Hook,” Chloroph continues.

To be continued…


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