“Why put me through this?  How did Jimmy know I needed help?”

“You were supposed to have nice dreams,” Chloroph continues.

“I’ve met you before,” Jimmy explains, “my bus and I are one.  We knew you were in danger.  I know of the third Monkey missing.  I had no choice but to come and get you.”

“You don’t owe me anything.”

“This is what I do.”

“You’d save anyone, foe or friend.”

“Depends on the feedback I get.”

“Feedback, feedback!” Labaguette squawks, “I like that, ‘feedback!”

“You know what I mean,” Jimmy continues, “you feel it in your bones, is the enemy deadly or merely an ego slayer?”

Now the Captain, the King and Chloroph are truly interested.  The Captain’s eye brows rise inquisitively.

“A soul destroyer, huh?” the King tries.

“Without a soul, you might as well be dead,” Jimmy continues, “this is why our sort live in the company of shadows, so that our souls can’t be seen or perceived by the enemy lurking in the dark.”

“Shadows and darkness are one and the same thing,” the Captain interrupts, “and bus drivers don’t need a soul.”

“Try and think before you speak, Captain,” Labaguette utters, “and listen.”

“An ego eradicator is…. King Krackskull, you know about this don’t you?  You lost your crown to the big wild universe.  Can you honestly say you feel like a King at all times?”

“I’ve no time to consider such—,”

“—You were the victim of darkness without being aware of it,” Jimmy insists, “else you’d still be a crowned King. You’ve begun to change without realising it and your ego might be lost forever.  You might turn into a—“

To be continued…



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