“—THAT’S ENOUGH!” the King thunders,

“I meant you can feel how dangerous the enemy is.  Are you satisfied, Captain?”

“You work along with the Syck Monckey.”

“Not exactly.  We both save lives but he does so indiscriminately.  I—“

“—You know of the third Monkey?”


“Can you save him?”

“I don’t know where he is.”

“You would know about Spinostress.”

“I know of the third monkey because there are two monkeys here.  These always come in threes.”

“This is absurd,” the King retorts.

“You’re not making any sense,” the Captain says.

“I get it!” Labaguette boasts.”

“Keep going,” Chlorophs insists.

“Our shadows tell us about dangers that concern us,” Jimmy tries to explain, “they whispered about the Syck Monkey disappearing.  They whispered about his brood.  The Syck Monkey, our shadows and us have a connection because sometimes he unloads some of his charges into our buses for the sake of helping lost creatures find better directions.”

The King gives a long, perplexed look at Jimmy.

“I’m a long way from home,” the King remarks, “no idea where I’m headed.”

“The shadows don’t mention evil,” Jimmy continues, “they suggest it.

“You heard us, we faced scary and deadly nightmares any creature could be confronted with.  How do you explain Spinostress’ appearance?”

Chloroph’s silence and apparent uneasiness lay bare for all to see.

“Answer me,” the Captain insists.  “YOU KNOW ABOUT HER, DO YOU?” the Captain fumes.

Silence still.

“What have you concocted with her?  You saw her while we were struggling down there, while you got the King and Labaguette busy looking at us, you and her were conniving.”

To be continued…


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