“It’s not what you think,—”

“—Enlighten me.”

“It was business.”


“In a way, we—“

“—In a way?”

“We traded.”


“Traded!” Labaguette repeats, “traded, traded.”

“Traded what?” asks the King, slapping the parrot’s beak shut.

“It’s a shadowy world,” Chloroph intervenes.

With a single click of his index and forefinger, the Captain commands two monkeys to secure Jimmy into a secure, tight bundle of ropes.

“You’re presuming everything, not giving me a single chance to explain,” Jimmy says, “I saved your lives a few moments ago, but look at you now.”

“Our lives, huh?”

“Oh will you stop the sarcasms and shut the fuck up?”

All look at him, astounded, perplexed.

Chloroph takes a step back, deliberately walking backwards, little by little, towards the edge of the Hook.  One glance from the Captain is enough for the Monkeys to understand it is time to tie Chloroph and not let him escape to any dream world of his own making.  Then, they pull the bus outside the Hook and all step aboard.

“Drive!” the Captain orders the King who looks at the Captain for a clue.

“Use the driving wheel to turn and press on the pedal to move forwards.  That’s all there is to it.”

“The gears are sensitive,” Jimmy insists, “this isn’t any bus and you—“

“—Head straight towards this line of trees,” the Captain says, “this is where we’ll find the Insatiable Princess.”

To be continued…


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