There is much worse than a friend, a lifesaving one at that, and to the exception of Chloroph, the King, Labaguette and the Captain, incredulous, all look at Jimmy’s anxious demeanour.  No, not look, they stare at him intently as if their lives depended on him, which in a way, it does.  No, no, no this cannot be.  There’s no dead end in the universe.  Something is, must be amiss because otherwise, the extent of Jimmy’s betrayal will be impossible to measure and especially, it had better not be felt.  Pain is a funny thin, it reaches deep into the soul, leaving an indelible imprint few can resist: to keep living or to give up, one way or another.

The Captain’s brains are working at light speed, considering, registering and deducting.  Deep into the recesses of his darkest thoughts, a dim light remains switched on: Jimmy’s not a traitor.  There’s a reason for this and he, the Captain of a thousand rum buckets will figure out why.

“The leg work was all mine,” Chloroph answers, “I created that Hook to help you get what you wanted.  Let me go and give me what you owe me.”

“Very well,” Spinostress says calmly, “you’ll be the first to be judged.  Guards, destroy that yellow bus, including that ugly, dirty ship and take all the prisoners to their dungeons.”

Far above and beyond him, the Captain scans the skies for something.  He can hear the Insatiable Princess’ calling.  He doesn’t know what it is he is looking for.  He knows that, in the best of dreams, a Syck Monkey, a shooting star or a genie sometime appear.  There, a dim light.  He points to it with his finger, as if measuring the distance between here and there.

To be continued…


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