The sight of buses extends far into the skies, an undulating ocean of exhaust fumes, tyres and sparkly yellow roofs.  To the exception of Jimmy’s old upturned bus twisted amidst branches, the Insatiable Princess hovering about the trees, is also willing and ready to go.

“What took you all so long?” the Captain asks.

“Logistics,” Jimmy answers.

Almost simultaneously, millions of drivers step out of their bus and say:

“Jimmy, you’re the one and only, you’re simply the best!” and Jimmy to repeat in return,

“Jimmy, you’re the one and only, you’re simply the best!”

“Only birds can sing,” a dumbfounded parrot says.

“Give us a break!” the Captain exclaims.

“Amasing!” the King continues.


“That sense of community and togetherness.”

“It’s daft!” Spino continues.

“We are one!” Jimmy retorts.

“We are one!” all the Jimmy reply in unison.

“I don’t get it,” the Captain tells the King.

“Jimmy was never a traitor,” the King explains, “he knew how dangerous Spinostress was and he knew he couldn’t do much to stop Chloroph’s ambitions.”

“How did you come to be in on it?”

“I’m a King, that’s what I do.  I know of plots, treasons and knights.”

“I knew Jimmy was a good lad took but you, you lost your—“

“—Chloroph brought one of his hooks to Jimmy to introduce a new way to travel, Spinostress scheming along with Chloroph in the hope that if she could get hold of the fleet of yellow buses, she would send them in any universe, especially hooks, to seek the Syck Monkey.  Besides, subjugating was her motto and—“

To be continued…


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