“—Let us get out of here before unidentified tempests lift and catch us unaware,” Labaguette says.

“What kind of language is this?  Damn fucking bird!  You’re your very own worst nightmare.  What are you so afraid of?” The Captain retorts.

“Wisdom will make me lose my feathers, grow bones and turn into one of you beings; I’d better be off singing.”

“Shut up!”

Here is Labaguette leading the way now as he, Captain Traumatic, King Krackskull, Chloroph, Spinostress, or what’s left of her as well as her old guards, all gather up onto the Insatiable Princess, which is tied to one of the yellow bus.  The Insatiable Princess is eager to go.  The Captain can feel it through the almost barely perceptible tremor, the quivering surface of the oaks she’s made of.

“We’ve lost our way to the ocean,” the Captain tells Jimmy, “would you be able to—“

“—Look, I know you’ve lost your way,” Jimmy retorts, “but this isn’t just about the ocean is it?”

“Well, I was merely wondering if—“

“—Oh I’ve heard all about ways before.  There’s this way and that way.  There’s the way you came from, the in-the-now way, and there’s the way you’re intending to take as well as the way you’re ultimately going to take.  Which will it be, Captain? Which way’s your way?  Because you know, really, there’s no two ways about it, bus or no bus.  Do you know what I’m talking about?”

To be continued…


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