“I get it,” the Captain answers, “my way’s where I should be headed, like it or not, choice or no choice, and you’d be better off not knowing about it, even though you do and if you didn’t, you’d be able to direct me or give me a choice, but you can’t, because you know where I’m headed and you hate it all the way.  That’s why you live in hiding amongst shadows, you and your sorts and your yellow buses.

“Why such contempt?”

“The truth is that knowing everyone’s ways makes you cringe and be weary and frightened of anything that comes your way.  It makes you wonder why you’re here, why what you do is, at the best of times, futile and utterly irrelevant and, in the scheme of all yellow buses and shadows considered, what is the meaning of your all-knowing prescient existence.”

“This is unfair.  You’re a bitter, envious fool who’s lost the way to the ocean through stupid, obsolete beliefs and there’s worse… you can’t remember your name, remember?”


“Be that word our sign of parting, pirate!”

“Wait a minute,” Labaguette interferes, a diplomat of some kind, “I love yellow buses and if I had arms and hands I’d want to drive them and live among shadows.  I’d no doubt be able to direct you and tell you where you’re headed, Captain.  Wouldn’t that be grand?”

The Captain lunges forward to catch his damn bird of doom but the Insatiable Princess has got ideas all of her own as she begins her ascent onto an invisible and inescapable yellow, pulled by yellow buses.

“ALAAAAARM!” Labaguette yells, “ALAAAAARM!”

To be continued…


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