“My planet is this way,” Spinostress says, pointing in one direction, “this is where we’re headed.  Any complaints?”

Getting back there takes them about three earth days.  The trip is more or less uneventful: the Captain is back on the bottle, King Krackskull longs for meaning and power, incessantly pacing the bridge and Labaguette enjoys a well-deserved rest (or so he believes), sleeping in a knotty bed unintentionally formed by the ropes inside the ship.  Chloroph ponders and wonders what is to become of him. How will he ever be able to get back into the creative spirit and build more hooks?  He could escape, grab a seed from his pocket and disappear into another hook.  Trouble is, he needs others’ adulation and aside the pride, it would be good for those others to learn from his inventiveness and tap into his genius, even if it sometimes has to turn into nightmares and deadly dead ends.  After all, there always comes a time when everyone learns from their mistakes and the past is the past.  Also, there’s always a string of suited applicants for a hero’s job to save the day when needed, no matter the ending.

As to Spinostress and her guards, they do not revert to their old evil forms, except for a short and spontaneous fleeting seconds at a time and the monkeys fail to reappear consistently.

To be continued…

PART 251

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