So it goes that the humongous fleet of yellow buses escorts the Insatiable Princess back to Spinostress’ obscure and gloomy planet.  There comes a time of subdued good byes, veiled not only by the yellow buses world of shadows but by fear and weariness, especially for Captain Traumatic.  Back to square one, he thinks; is all that has been happening the product of his imagination?  He knows that deep, deep down within the confinement of the tiniest cell of his body, of what may be his soul, that he isn’t dreaming and that, if rum flowed in abundance, he’d be able to get by.  Then, and only then, he could stop dreaming of a peaceful life trading rum, of pillaging other ships and selling misappropriated properties.  He remembers and longs for past days of independence.  If only he’d been given the opportunity to grow into his job and give it a good go.  If only, he’d been given the chance to morph into a fearsome, relentless and powerful pirate of a kind with a real name attached to it.  Only trouble now, is that aside the earlier unexpected fall past the horizon line, he owns two brains and this fact alone is more burdensome he’s ever thought it’d be.  What with his fast scanning ability, the new found memories and philosophies attached to them, he’d—“

“—ALL ABOARD!” Jimmy yells, and many a Jimmy’s voice to repeat “ALL ABOARD! ALL ABOARD! ALL ABOARD!” as it echoes into infinity, jolting the Captain out of his musing.

To be continued…


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