It only takes one Jimmy to look at the Captain and his companions, then stare into the Captain’s eyes, raise a thumb and:

“Hey…” the Captain utters when he realises far too late there is nothing he can say as Jimmy turns his back on him, takes his seat back into the bus, starts the engine only to disappear into the darkness he came from, summoning shadows that come to envelop the entire fleet of buses for eternity.

“Surely,” the Captain continues, “surely we will finish that conversation.”

“They’re gone,” Labaguette utters, mirroring his master’s thought, that of an unresolved and unacceptable truth.

“Don’t you wish—“

“—ALL ABOARD!” Spinostress yells, taking them all by surprise as she resumes her original shape and personality, three young monkeys tightly bound to her neck by heavy unbreakable white chains.  She calls for a rally and her army of ugly spider like creatures, mutant scarab-crabs and stone-amoeba of all kinds take the Insatiable Princess over, leading her crew once more into the claws of a planet they wish they’d never see again.

Chloroph winks at the Captain.

“What?” the Captain asks, fed up with the traitor whose pretentious stance for all things natural and organic turned into the creation of an utterly abnormal monster of sorts and, for the Captain, the conception of an unending battle against the use of unknown molecules that could lead to the disintegration of universes as he understands them.

“Trust me, I know the way of the plants,” Chloroph insists, reading the Captain’s thoughts.

To be continued…


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