“Our dreams and hopes,” she continues, “cannot ever be held in contempt again.  Nightmares of all kinds must be eradicated.  You are a dream.  We are THE dream.  We are the living proof of a dream come true.  And for those of you who have not experienced the type of nightmare I lived through, may my experience be a lesson to you all: be aware at all time that nightmares of the worst kind can turn into daily realities that stay on forever, leading to a life where there are no leaders such as I, resulting in lack of food and bonus points.”

“Bonus points?” Labaguette whispers in Captain Traumatic’s ears.

“Rum”, the Captain retorts, “and rough seas”.

“Ah,” Labaguette answers.

“Let us rejoice,” she asserts, “into the public sacrifice of Chloroph the weak, a liar, a treacherous peasant and floral sorcerer born out of the reality of nightmares.  There is no such thing as a healthy seed or hook.  Let us rid of the poison that infiltrates our dreams.  Let us rid of Chloroph, the Captain, the King and of their damned fucking bird.”

“Mind your language!” Labaguette utters.

Captain Traumatic snatches the parrot and shoves him into his pocket.

Chloroph has had many lives and he knows this one isn’t about to end: she’s tried exterminating him before.  He’ll escape again.  Empowered by his unexpected successes escaping ominous and untimely deaths through various forms of execution, Chloroph decides it is time to earnestly plan ahead, quickly and efficiently.

To be continued…


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