Freedom.  The King lets go of Labaguette who flies off boasting:

“I’m an actor!  I’M AN ACTOR!  I’M—“

Chloroph cuts Labaguette’s cocky words short by throwing a seed at the parrot who catches it in flight and brings it to the King before he splits it into two, causing a gigantic hook to inflate.  It takes less than a second for the monkeys to toss more ropes and tie them to the Insatiable Princess, reaching deep inside the hull where their precious cargo is held.  A cocoon of white ropes forms around the ship.  A Monkey reaches for one of the guards’ swords, knowing he must seize this instant and that this is now or never.  His timing is impeccable, how else could it be?  This is the son of the Syck Monkey: at last, his inheritance is at play for all to witness and heed and as Spinostress loses her mask once more and mutates back into what remains of the old queen she once was, he cuts the hazardous and lethal ties that hold him and his brothers bound to her neck, will and wants before freeing the Captain, the King and Chloroph.

“Hold it!” the Captain exclaims, unable to follow fast and faster; but this isn’t the right time to stop, the Monkeys know this: they jump through the Hook, pulling the Insatiable Princess through it, along with all still aboard.

Before they know it and before the Captain or the King or even Spinostress can merely utter another word, they’re on the other side.

To be continued…


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