“ENOOOOOOUUUUUGGGGHHHH!” the Captain yells, exasperated.

“I like women,” Labaguette continues, “especially when they make jam.”

The King takes Labaguette off his head, looks at him grimacing, and sends him off flying:

“Go flap about stupid bird!” he says.

“Spinostress could reveal useful, once rested,” Chloroph insists.

“I’m going to erase you, to rid of you once and for all.  I’ve had enough of your ideas and creations and as far as my expectations are concerned, you should never have existed.”

“Do not do unto others what others have done to you,” Chloroph sneers.

Now the Captain lifts Chloroph by one ankle, as if he were a mere puppet, and dangles him above the starry emptiness below the ship, seeds, petals and a multitude of keys falling out of Chloroph’s pockets.

“What are those keys for?” Labaguette inquires.

“Put me down!” Chloroph demands.

At the wink of the King, the monkeys have formed a net that extends and stretches beneath Chloroph, underneath the ship and as the Captain lets go of his ankle, Chloroph falls.

As he screams fearing a never ending fall in the emptiness of it all, he lands safely inside the monkeys’ net.

“Peace will be had,” he mutters, almost content, settling in the net for a muse.

To be continued…


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