And for a while, some white, oblong and cylindrical object is travelling through the skies, having come out of one of the portals spread around to soon enter another.  The Captain reads aloud:

“NASA, Recovery Space Shuttle no 593 – CT mission.”

“There’s a clue Labaguette” says.

“What does it mean?” the King asks.

“I’ve seen it before,” the Captain remarks, “it’s a rocket.  They build rockets to reach the moon these days.  I’ve read about it.”

“There are many moons,” the King adds.

“None in sight,” Labaguette says.

“It was silent,” remarks Chloroph.

“Can’t hear anything else for the bloody dim,” the Captain adds, turning his attention to the immediate and forgetting nonsensical flying objects, reaching out for corks which he cuts and fills into Labaguette’s beak.  The parrot distributes the lot to all for ear protection when at last, their eyes can see the source of the clamour.

There, immediately ahead of them is one gigantic barred gate, closed, with one creature covered in chains, metallic bracelets and shackles of all sorts wrapped around his wrists, neck and ankles, standing behind it, banging its lock with a hammer.  The creature is looking at them, huge eyes imploring for forgiveness, for compassion, for help.

The Insatiable Princess shudders and stops by the side of the gate and the creature’s eyes begin to fill with tears until, unexpectedly, it sits down and starts crying, stopping the commotion at once and filling the air with the sound of sobs.

“Boy O Boy!” Labaguette exclaims.

“What’s the matter?” the Captain inquires.

“I’m stuck,” the creature says.

To be continued…


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