“Captain, Captain, the creature is incapable of harm.  There’s a reason his name is Mouton Blanc.  Ask him.”

“Ask him what?”

“Who he really is.”

The Captain gives a long, hard look into the eye of his feathered advisor, takes a deep breath and complies with this whim, dismissing any thought of common sense:

“Aside you’re being an immortal creature with such name as ‘Mouton Blanc’ and you being prisoner by day and gaoler by night, who, what else might you be?” the Captain asks.

“What you see is what you get,” Mouton Blanc retorts.

Labaguette won’t let any confused spark of anger rise nor doubt bubble up to the surface:

“Mouton Blanc is bluffing, bluffing all the way,” he utters inside the Captain’s ear and before the Captain has time to squeeze the bird’s neck, Labaguette flies off and perches onto the lock which Mouton Blanc is hitting.

“Get off or you’ll get squashed,” the creature says.

“You’re too noisy,” the King tries.

“This is my last warning: get OFF!”  Labaguette flies up for a second, just as the huge hammer hits the lock, only to sit back on it afterwards to snatch a pin from that lock and drop it into the emptiness below.

Mouton Blanc falls onto his knees.

“What have you done?  Blasphemy!  Are you raven in disguise?  Never in my entire life have I—”

“—No keys, no pins!” Labaguette says smiling, “there has never been any way out, anyway.”

“Labaguette,” the Captain says, “How far goes your contempt?  Who do you think you are?”

“You owe me.  I’m a hero.”

To be continued…


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