“Why do you want me dead?  No guests of mine has ever done this before!” the bawling, devastated creature asks Labaguette.

“Guests?” the parrots inquires with a snarl, perching on the outer edge of one of the ship’s protruding observatory beams.

In an instant, the Captain begins to walk towards the now cursed-for-eternity bird, teetering on the brink of a universal fall, all in the name of hostility felt towards his sometimes dearest companion.  Labaguette freezes on the spot: he knows all too well that even without wings, his master could catch him.  The Captain has a hold on him.  There’s almost no telling what the pirate might do next.  Almost.  So it goes that Labaguette is left with no better choice than jump like a stone would, if it could, without deploying his wings, like a dead weight, and this is precisely when Captain Traumatic chooses to take that jump too, without fear and especially without thinking.  Then, there’s a creature, jumping after them, presuming that if it can catch the Captain catching a bird catching falling pins, all will be well and the tick-ticking of time will, no doubt, resume its normal pace.

Three Monkeys tails precipitously extend and set out to catch a falling pirate, his bird and a creature.  Labaguette resumes his position on the outer beam while the Captain stands again on the Insatiable Princess’ deck looking at each of the monkeys with some gratitude after all.  Mouton Blanc exclaims:

“I must be getting back to my pad immediately!  This is foreign territory.  When death by melting catches me, I must be on my pad.”

To be continued…


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