“Immortal creature, my—”

“—You won’t die, Mouton Blanc,” the Captain yells on top of Labaguette’s last peculiar words.  “Stay here and we’ll look after you.  Get inside the hull, with Spinostress and her guards and you’ll be kept cool and fresh inside.  You won’t melt.  All you’ll have to do, when you’re ready, is to show the Insatiable Princess the way out.  There’s no prisoner, no gaoler here.  We’re all free.”

“Never,” Mouton Blanc retorts, “I’ve always been a prisoner and a gaoler, there’s no way out except the escape route.  This is who I am and without the shackles, the pins, the banging of the door and dragging the chains, I might as well cease to exist.”

Once again, it seems one wants to take a jump.  Mouton Blanc, despite his weight and awkward rolls of fats, climbs and stands on the edge of the ship.

“DON’T!” the King, exclaims.  We can change your life,” the King continues, “ask for anything you want, I will see to it that your needs are met.  Come with us.”

“What do you know about losing all you had that made your life worthwhile?” Mouton Blanc asks, looking at each of them, in turn.

“I lost my crown,” the King retorts.

“I lost my way,” the Captain continues.

“I lost my purpose,” Chloroph adds.

“Well then, are you listening?  The parrot is to keep my door and shackles safe on my pad, until such time as he relocates my pins, or you do.”

“Can’t catch me!” Labaguette utters, flying about, unexpectedly apprehensive at the look his resentful friends give him, “can’t catch me!”

To be continued…


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