One monkey cuts a piece of rope, unfolds it and there’s paper.

“Use your dirty fingers and nails to draw,” the King says.

Mouton Blanc nods, “sit still!” he orders Labaguette who eventually settles, posing, Madonna style.

“Make sure my feathers look smooth, will you?”

“I’ll draw what there is to see.”

“What do I look like to you?”

“My vision is limited.”

“Remember, I’m the One who dropped your pins and saved you from a lifetime of misery.”





“Something like that,” Mouton Blanc concludes.

This is when an unexpected sense of peace descends on the ship.  It’s almost as if Labaguette and Mouton Blanc were related, from opposite ends but related all the same, the Captain thinks.  Funny to think that Mouton Blanc’s appearance should hide such couth as an ability to draw, even if simple.  The Captain hopes that by the time all issues are argued over, the status quo between creature and bird will reign for good.

The King, the Captain and three Monkeys enter the hull, except for Chloroph who remains stranded in his net under the ship, weary of the Captain’s moods and intent.  No doubt the Captain will discover what should remain hidden for a little longer.

There, inside the Insatiable Princess’ entrails a surprise awaits them.  All appears altered beyond recognition.

“What the blazing fuck is this?” the Captain asks.

A majestic old queen advances towards the Captain and the King, the Monkeys hiding behind her ragged, green tinged velvet dress.  Behind her also are her two guards, their garments covered in green, fresh leaves from neck to toe.

“We’ve been binding threads, uniting this ship to this galaxy and beyond,” she says.

To be continued…


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