Surrounding them are white ropes, most of them smudged with green, others having transformed into long, large green stems sprouting, flourishing with foliage.  Intermingling are ropes that remain white, untouched, evolving into buds, cocoons and knots.

“Hmm,..” the Captain says, “you’ve undoubtedly created a small universe within this ship.  It isn’t one connecting us to any outside world.  Get rid of it, it’s a stifling environment for the Insatiable Princess!  She’ll perish under her own weight.”

“She’s floating, she’s experiencing weightlessness in all its glory, Captain,” the old queen says, “the ropes are extraordinary, they—“.

“—we need more room inside the Insatiable Princess, discard all that is green and useless and throw it overboard, what you will!  Don’t keep it here.  This ship is rotting from the inside out.”

Three Monkeys stand before the Captain, the King and Labaguette, gesticulating, trying hard to explain, in silence, what is happening.

“We don’t need a vegetable patch,” the Captain tells them.

“I know a veggie when I see one,” the King whispers.

“A jungle, this is a jungle,” Labaguette says, “there might be others like I.”

“For heaven’s sake!” the Captain says, swiping at the passing bird once more.

One by one, the Monkeys jump and swing from rope to branch, to tree and back.

“We’ve been weaving towards freedom,” the old woman explains, “it’s the work within that counts.”

“Shut up!  The last thing we need is some mystical fool.”

“It doesn’t look so bad,” the King utters, stroking his chin in wonder.

“It’s wild, it’s ugly and it’s adding unnecessary weight to my beloved.”

To be continued…


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