The Captain unlocks the latch and opens the small wooden trap door that leads underneath the ship.  There, Chloroph’s net hangs underneath the ship with a thick tree trunk whose branches and leaves sprout in all directions.  Below… well, below the trunk thins out a little and transforms into an infinitely long thick flexible pole or rope, it is hard to tell from a distance as it extends so far its end cannot be seen.

“Chloroph?” the Captain asks, “Chlroph?”

Here, on the net where Chloroph had been resting are his clothes but no sign of the gardener.  The Captain turns the pockets of the empty jacket upside down and a few crumbs fall along with a small rectangle piece of white cardboard which the Captain retrieves in time before it falls in the void beneath.  It reads:

Pro-life Seed Hook

Gives birth to plants, expectations and exceptions alike.  Gives life to anything anyone wishes in its first few seconds of its life.


Chloroph Greendominion

                                                                     Master Plant & Hook Creator

                                                                     Phone: +999.456.567.678

                                                                     Email: Ch+1@DomDom.plant

Then, elusive words, words that come as you read them and disappear as soon as you’ve done so appear on the piece of cardboard:

“…if you have found my business card then I’m gone for good.  I’m out of your life forever.  Be pleased.  Face the consequences.  Be who you are.  Find out who you are just as shocking, deplorable and wicked this truth may be.  So long Captain…”

“Damn this plant breeder of misfortune!” the Captain says.  “We are in another Hook situation after all.  Knew it.  The creep, the mongrel, thief, the—“.

Captain Traumatic’s words are lost in space as he falls fast asleep.

To be continued…


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