“It’s daylight,” Labaguette continues, “the creature has melted.”

All of a sudden, the three monkeys begin to run around impatiently, running towards Labaguette, jumping, pirouetting and trying to catch the parrot.

“Hey, guys!” Labaguette exclaims, “I can fly, remember?”

The monkeys aren’t deterred and it seems they are ready to do anything to get their paws on the bird.

“ENOUGH!” the Captain yells.

The monkeys pause, sit and start to drum their fists on the wooden floor rhythmically, their eyes staring deeply into Labaguette’s.

“It won’t work,” the parrot says, “I don’t give in so easily, why would I?”

“When day breaks,” the Captain continues, in turn looking into each of the monkey’s eyes eloquently, “we will be out of here.”

A serene veil descends upon the Insatiable Princess.

“I have a plan,” the Captain adds, “underneath the ship where Chloroph had his nest, a long rope as solid and as a flexible trunk extends below.”

“Which is it?  Rope or trunk?” the old woman asks.

“A mixture of both.”

“How far below does it go?” one guard asks.

“The extremity can’t be seen.  We must gather inside the net and pull the ship down to reach the end of the rope.”

“This ship’s too heavy.  It will crush us,” the old woman says.

“We won’t know until we’ve tried.  You won’t need to do this, you can overlook—”

“—I may be old, I may appear weak and I may be a woman, but Captain, don’t let appearances deceive you.”

“I don’t understand your species.”

“I’ll pull the ship, don’t you listen to my bones’ creaking.  And please add this to your library, Captain: a woman, young or old but willing, is as good as a hundred rum fuelled and infuriated pirates.”

To be continued…

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