“You spent too many years believing in your abilities to—“

“—a feminist, we have a FEM-IN-IST on board!” Labaguette yells, “get rid of women!  Get rid of feminists!  Get rid of anyone or anything that ends with an ‘IST’! and—“

At supersonic speed, one monkey jumps where Labaguette is perched, unceremoniously snatches the bird, and shoves it into the Captain’s jacket’s pocket with its beak neatly tied.

“—Where will this lead?” the King asks.

“The monkeys can create a system of ropes and pulleys that will pull the ship down without much sweat on our part.”



“We’re no longer prisoners?”

“My rum supplies is dwindling.  If I can’t replenish soon, we’ll truly be in trouble.  Wanna get out of here?  All down in the net now and let’s begin the work.”

The fact it that the Insatiable Princess no longer looks like a ship and, were it not for the carved siren at its bow, a goddess of the sea whose indomitable spirit cannot be tamed as seen in the Captain’s mind’s eye, any outside observer would swear they’re looking at a small, floating island.  Perfect Palm trees, pine trees, baobabs have sprouted all over the lawn covered deck.  Their perfection is such that they look like some plastic imitations, the King thinks.  Spreading on each side of the ship’s keel, long, dense grass grows uncontrollably among exotic plans never seen before except here.  Intoxicating scents of plants reaches the crew’s nostrils, inviting it to memories of their planets to fever pitch as well as to the rise of unsuspected instincts.

“This isn’t going to work,” the King mutters as they cram into the net under the ship, all wanting a part of the action.

To be continued…

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